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Roadmap Home 2030

California’s Roadmap Home

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The Roadmap Home 2030 is a bold, long-term plan to create the future we want for California by building affordable homes, protecting low-income renters, ending homelessness, and advancing racial equity and economic inclusion.

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What’s at Stake

California has been hit hard.

The opportunity to build healthy, fulfilling lives for ourselves and our families is in jeopardy. Systemic racial injustice, a widening wealth gap, and a shortage of homes people can afford are affecting our livelihoods and threatening what we love about California.
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The Opportunity

We are calling on all Californians to embrace the need for bold, structural change.

Roadmap Home 2030 is the first comprehensive, evidence-based plan to address the root causes of housing insecurity and homelessness in California. If we choose to act now, we can protect what we love about California while making it a healthier, happier, and more equitable place to live.

Go in-depth on all 57 policy solutions in the Roadmap Home.

Our roadmap will bring everybody in California

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Housing California logo

Housing California is one of the state’s largest nonprofit housing and homelessness advocacy organizations—dedicated to improving life within our golden state. Housing CA opens minds and organizes people most impacted by housing injustice and their allies to effectively advance equitable solutions grounded in social and economic policy research.

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A statewide “do-and-think tank,” the Partnership provides expert financial and policy solutions to nonprofit and public partners to create and preserve affordable and sustainable homes for Californians with low incomes.

In Partnership With

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The Budget Center is a nonpartisan, data-driven organization that works to improve public policies affecting the economic and social well-being of Californians with low and middle incomes.



Create Affordable Homes

We will create 1.2 million new affordable homes for low-income Californians, including for those experiencing homelessness.


Protect Low-Income Renters

We will protect 1 million low-income renter households from losing their homes, including more than 300,000 who face eviction each year.


End Homelessness

We will end homelessness for more than 150,000 Californians who are unhoused every night and over 400,000 who are unhoused throughout the year.


Ensure Racial Equality

We will close the racial equity gaps in housing and homelessness created by decades of racist housing policies that have harmed Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other people of color.

Policy Change

Housing is the foundation for long-term equity, resilience, and sustainability.

The Roadmap Home includes more than 50 policies that, when fully implemented, will address the root causes of housing insecurity and homelessness across our state.
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Invest in our Values

Provide ongoing resources to advance racial equity and create affordable homes for people experiencing homelessness.

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Promote Fairness

Create equitable tax and finance systems that eliminate structural discrimination and inequality and generate revenue that meets the scale of the need.
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Protect People

Ensure that renters have equitable access to housing, the ability to stay in their homes and communities, and protections from market speculation and systemic discrimination.
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Reimagine Growth

Transform how we use land by making it easier and cheaper to develop affordable homes in all communities, including opportunity-rich areas where Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other people of color have been excluded.
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Create Efficiency and Accountability

Streamline housing and homelessness systems and create clear leadership to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and equitably.

Tell your state senators and assembly members to endorse the Roadmap Home 2030.