Take Individual Action

Step One:
Join our movement

To make the California Dream something that is truly within reach for every Californian we’re going to need a decade’s worth of historic investments and the adoption of policies that are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse communities and embrace our regional differences.

The days of building our future one budget year or legislative cycle at a time are behind us.

Roadmap Home 2030 is more than just a policy plan. It is a statement of values. It is a blueprint of people.

Everyone who lives in the Golden State is a Californian. And every Californian deserves a home.

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Step Two:
Let your legislators know

Advancing housing affordability and economic resilience in California requires comprehensive policy change and coordinated investment in affordable housing production, preservation, tenant protections, and homelessness programs.

Now is the time to invest in resources that serve our most marginalized neighbors in order to prevent the further escalation of the housing and homelessness crisis, and its disproportionate impact on low-income people and people of color.

Now is the time for bold action that builds on our progress and secures a more stable, equitable, and affordable California.

Step Three:
Donate to the Roadmap

Californians from across the Golden State are donating to build our movement for housing justice.

Help us deliver a historic, people-powered path to adopting transformative solutions, at the scale of need, that are more equitable, efficient, and impactful.

Help us strengthen progress and sustainability in the face of challenges to affordable housing, equitable development, tenant rights, harm reduction and housing first policies, and problematic narratives leading to the criminalization of people experiencing homelessness, and undermining the adoption of proven solutions to the housing and homelessness crisis.