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The Roadmap Home includes more than 50 policies that, when fully implemented, will address the root causes of housing insecurity and homelessness across our state.

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Our priorities for the 2022 legislative session


AB 989

Administrative enforcement of the Housing Accountability Act: To establish an Office of Housing Appeals in order to review potential violations of the ​​ Housing Accountability Act. Roadmap Priority: C5

AB 1816

Reentry Housing and Workforce Development Program: To establish the Reentry Housing & Workforce Development Grant Program funding housing, supportive services, and workforce development programs for formerly incarcerated Californians. Roadmap Priority: A8

$200 million would support permanent housing and needed supportive services for

  • at least 7,200
    individuals reentering the community after incarceration
  • nearly 30,000
    individuals reentering the community after incarceration

AB 1911

Capital gains acquisition tax credit: To allow a credit against those taxes to a taxpayer that is transferred, and allocated, credits pursuant to the sale of a specified multifamily rental housing development or mobile home park to a qualified developer that has received a credit reservation from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, in specified amounts. Roadmap Priority: A7

$500 million invested over a five-year period to convert private, low-income rental properties into affordable homes.

  • 8,036
    affordable homes preserved with $100 million in credits
  • 23,304
    people served each year, over a five-year period

AB 1945

Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development and Acquisition Program: To fund the pre-development, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of affordable housing in declared disaster areas where lower income households have been impacted. Roadmap Priority: E3
  • 316
    affordable homes rebuilt over 10 years
  • 918
    people served annually over a 10-year period

AB 1961

Affordable housing: Department of Housing and Community Development: To create an online database of affordable housing listings, information, and applications. Roadmap Priority: E10

AB 2050

Residential real property: withdrawal of accommodations: To prohibit property owners from using an Ellis Act eviction unless all owners of the property have been owners for 5 continuous years. Roadmap Priority: D6
  • 12,675
    fewer evictions over 10 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles

AB 2011

Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act of 2022: Allow new apartment and condominium developments to be built in commercial and mixed-use zones when at least 20% of the homes are affordable to low-income households. Roadmap Priority: C2
  • 2 Million
    affordable home units in the Bay Area and Los Angeles County.

AB 2186

Impact fee reduction or waiver 50% reimbursement: To establish the Housing Cost Reduction Incentive Program in order to reimburse cities and/or counties for development impact fee waivers or reductions given to qualified rental housing developments. Roadmap Priority: C6

An annual allotment of $25 million would enable

  • 429
    new affordable homes to be created each year
  • 1,245
    people served annually

AB 2325

California Coordinated Homelessness Response Act: To build on recent efforts to enhance coordination among the agencies that fund homelessness programs by creating a funders workgroup within the CA Interagency Council on Homelessness. Roadmap Priority: E2

AB 2713

Just cause eviction modifications: To revise the intent to occupy just-cause provision to mean a good faith intent to occupy a residence by the property owner or the owner’s spouse, domestic partner, children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents for at least 3 consecutive years. Roadmap Priority: D1


55% vote threshold for local housing measures: To impose, extend, or increase a sales and use tax or transactions, and use tax imposed in accordance with specified law or a parcel tax for the purposes of funding the construction, rehabilitation, or replacement of public infrastructure, affordable housing, or permanent supportive housing. Roadmap Priority: A6


Repeal of Article XXXIV: To repeal Article 34 of the constitution which requires voter approval of the development or acquisition of publicly funded affordable housing. Roadmap Priority: D7

ACA 14

The HOPE Act: To require California to spend at least 5% of the state’s budget annually on housing and homelessness for 10 years. Roadmap Priority: A2

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