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The Roadmap Home includes more than 50 policies that, when fully implemented, will address the root causes of housing insecurity and homelessness across our state.

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Our priorities for the 2023 legislative session



Local government financing: Affordable housing and public infrastructure: voter approval. Lowers the voter threshold to 55% for local housing measures. Roadmap Priority: Invest in Our Values

SB 225

Community Anti-Displacement and Preservation Program (CAPP): Provides funding to acquire and preserve unsubsidized affordable housing ($500 million budget request). Roadmap Priority: A7

SB 567

1482 Rent Cap and Eviction Protection Fixes. Roadmap Priority: D1

AB 1053

Make HCD loans available during construction. Roadmap Priority: E4

AB 1085

Medi-Cal benefit bill. Roadmap Priority: A15

SB 18

Tribal Housing Program. Creates and funds a tribal housing program that promotes construction and rehabilitation of homes for rent and sale for tribal communities. Roadmap Priority: Invest in Our Values

AB 312

State Partnership for Affordable Housing Registries in California (SPAHRC) Grant Program.: Creates a database for affordable housing listings. The legislation is tied to a $25 million budget request. Roadmap Priority: E10

AB 653

Housing Voucher Utilization Program: This legislation would create a program that would provide resources to increase voucher utilizations, including housing navigation, landlord incentives, and security deposits. Roadmap Priority: Invest in Our Values, Protect People

AB 799

Homelessness Accountability and Results Act.: Increases accountability in Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) Program and commits ongoing funding to reduce homelessness. Roadmap Priority: A1, E2

AB 84

Improves the welfare property tax exemption for affordable housing. Roadmap Priority: Promote Fairness, Invest in Our Values, Create Efficiency and Accountability

AB 1657

The Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2024.: Roadmap Priority: A3

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